Rain World, the newest game from Adult Swim Games, and developed by Videocult is about a wonderful little creature aptly known as Slugcat. Slugcat got washed away from his family, and with your help, he has to make his way home. With a style almost akin to that of limbo, this game is beautiful. Done with over 1000 still […]

Yakuza 0 Review

    Yakuza 0 is the prequel in the long running Yakuza video game series. It is my first dive into the series, and as such, I had no expectations nor any idea what I would be in for. STORY:     Set in December 1988, this game is a tale of 2 tales. The first tale is that of […]

Superdimension Neptune Vs. Sega Hard Girls Review

The Hyperdimension Neptunia series continues! This time IF gets the lime light in an all new spin off of time bending proportions. Should we fix time or should we let the clock break? STORY IF is on a mission to find the Grand Library when she sees somebody fall from the sky. Upon reaching the library, the person regains consciousness […]

Hatsune Miku Project Diva X Review

Hatsune Miku is a Japanese Vocaloid Pop Idol. That is to say, she’s a famous pop singer that happens to be a computer program, and this is her newest video game. the Hatsune Miku games are a rhythm/music series where you time button presses to the music. New additions to this series include a story mode, event requests, and a […]

Valkyria Chronicles Remastered Review: Fight for Gallia or Wait on the sideline?

THE STORY Originally released on the PlayStation 3, Valkyria Chronicles is the story of Welkin Gunther, son of Belgen Gunther, who returns to his hometown of Bruhl as The Imperial Federation is invading the country of Gallia , where his father was a hero. As he appears in town he is forced to help fight, alongside Alicia Melchitt, captain of the […]

Retroactive Review: “Monster Monpiece”

  Monster Monpiece, by Compile Heart and Idea Factory International, is a story based card game for the Playstation Vita. Idea Factory has recently announced that it will be released on Steam in Spring 2016. This review will also introduce my new review system!   Story Yafanir, a land where humans and monster girls live together. May attends a school […]

Until Dawn Review

NOTE: I WILL KEEP THIS AS SPOILER FREE AS POSSIBLE! I just finished this game and got an ending….one of over 300 different endings. That just gives you an idea how much variation this game has. Until Dawn is the newest AAA title exclusive to the Playstation 4. STORY: Created by Supermassive Games (Dr. Who: The Eternity Clock, Killzone HD, […]