I Finally Played Playstation VR: Future or Flop?

Imagine it’s PAX East, you are walking into the convention center excited to try out PlayStation VR. Your heart then sinks when you find out that the time slots were gone in under a minute. Then, your friend slides his phone over in front of you and shows you that he secured an 11 am appointment. I was so excited. […]

The King of Fighters XIV comes to the Americas thanks to…Atlus?

Thats right, SNK Playmore is partnering with Atlus U.S.A. to bring The King of Fighters XIV to the Americas, exclusively on PS4. The classic 3V3 battle system remains unchanged but SNK Playmore has made updates from everything like streamlining controls to improving Combo and Max Mode Mechanics. XIV is the first fully 3D game in the series and will increase […]

Valkyria Chronicles News and New Megadimension Neptunia VII Trailer

VALKYRIA CHRONICLES REMASTER COMING WEST Today SEGA announced that Valkyria Chronicles Remaster, a remastering of the PS3 title, will be coming west in 2016. It will include a remastered copy of the game, all DLC, and Trophy support. Pre-order and first run  copies will arrive in a steel case designed around the Edelweiss Tank Prototype. Game synopsis: “War has spread […]