Rain World, the newest game from Adult Swim Games, and developed by Videocult is about a wonderful little creature aptly known as Slugcat. Slugcat got washed away from his family, and with your help, he has to make his way home.

With a style almost akin to that of limbo, this game is beautiful. Done with over 1000 still images and landcapes, no 2 areas will be the same. The dark tone of the backgrounds and environment are a wonderful aesthetic choice, that makes it easy to see the White SlugCat. All these darker choices make it very clear that any distinct colors are either dangerous or important.  The enemies will range from a series of lizards with differently colored heads, to flying insects with blue on them, to more. These color differences provide an excellent contrast to each other and further show the unique artistic approach taken with this game.

When it comes to gameplay, the game is both easily accessible and tough and challenging at the same time. The character has but a few simple actions. Jump, pick up an item, and either eat the item or throw it. When attempting to find your way through the world, you will need to eat to stay alive. You have 7 slots and whenever you hibernate, it uses 4 slots of food. You will then need to catch bugs or find berries and eat them to recoupe your energy. Speaking of hibernating, it is your way of saving the game and of surviving the rain. Here is where the game can get tricky. You need to explore, and every little bit, the screen will start shaking and grow dim. When this happens, you have a limited amount of time to get back to a safe house. If you don’t make it in time, you drown. I really enjoy the game but it can be incredibly hard. That being said, it hasn’t made me give up, in fact it made me want to keep trying even harder.

Rain World is a bleak, dreary, beautiful little platformer that will put your skills, and patience, to the test.

7 out of 10

Rain World is available now for Playstation 4 and PC.

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