Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls Review


Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls is a Playstation Vita game and the third game in the Danganronpa series, that being said, it takes place between the 1st and 2nd games. I wouldn’t recommend playing this game if you havent played the first one since this uses characters from the first game as major plot points.




Komaru Naegi (sister of the first games protagonist Makoto) has been imprisoned for awhile now but has finally been freed by Future Foundation and must fight her way out along with a fellow helper in the form of Toko. All the while a group of kids known as the Warriors of Hope have taken over the city thanks to having an army of Monokuma’s at their arsenal. The children want to make a Paradise for kids and are hunting down and killing off all of the adults. ┬áCan they make it out alive?

For being a different gametype than the numbered titles of the series, I was worried how the story would be, but those fears have been thrown aside. The story is just as great and crazy as you would come to expect from this series and manages to run around 25 to 30 hours. Elements from the first game also play a major role is this game, much more than I expected. Beware though, this game is as disturbing as you would expect BUT it is a tad childish in nature (for most of it). Though it is necessary for some parts, such as when the one character is kind of explaining about being sexually abused but only alluding to it in childish terms and ways, other times it just seems unnecessary.




The first 2 games in the series played mostly like Visual Novels, but this is a third person shooter. It has some fun elements but this the area that bogs down the game the most.

Fun: The truth bullet system is well done. The bullets are each used for different things such as Move being used to activate machines, and Break as the main attacking bullet. And throughout the game you gain battery power by attacking and can switch to Genocide Jill for a short period.

Not fun: The gameplay itself is ok but nothing special. Nothing really stands out. It has what I have dubbed “The Order Syndrome”. Just like The Order: 1886, there are a ridiculous amount of times you will see a cutscene, then it lets you play and you walk for 10 feet and there is another cutscene. This happens WAY too often and is a huge inconvenience. I also can’t count the number of times I’ve been fighting and run out of bullets so it was a necessity to switch to Genocide Jill, which takes away from your final grade for each level. Another big note that the bosses are too easy. They feed you health the entire fight and I barely lost any health during any boss.





This is where the game really felt great to me. If you have played a Danganronpa game, then you understand what i mean when I say It’s wacky, crazy, disturbing, and amazing. The soundtrack borrows tracks from the first game as well as some new tracks (I haven’t played the second game yet so some might be from that as well). Graphically the game looks decent, nothing special though. But its not the graphics where it shines, it’s the artistic look and the visual cues. Non-Important adults are just shaded blue and pink hue’s, as is all blood in the game. This game has some extremely disturbing scene’s that are beautifully masked by a mashup of blue and pink.



You don’t play this game for the gameplay, you play it for the story, and thankfully the great and fun story makes up for the often times boring gameplay. If you are a Danganronpa fan than this is a must play.

-Average gameplay
-Too many short gameplay sections
-Easy Bosses
-Occasional bugs

-Great story
-Fun characters
-Disturbing scenes are beautifully executed
-Artistically done
-Connected to the first game
-Wonderful soundtrack

My score:
7.5 out of 10!


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