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I just finished this game and got an ending….one of over 300 different endings. That just gives you an idea how much variation this game has. Until Dawn is the newest AAA title exclusive to the Playstation 4.

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Created by Supermassive Games (Dr. Who: The Eternity Clock, Killzone HD, LittleBigPlanet Vita) Until Dawn is a horror title telling the story of 8 friends who return to a cabin in the woods on the 1 year anniversary of a tragic accident.

Let’s get the bad out of the way first. As you are playing the game it’s going one way but 2/3rd’s of the way through it takes a completely different turn. I didn’t find it a bad turn, i just found it really odd and almost like a completely different story.

That being said, the stories are fantastic. I found the writing very good. It sounds and looks just like a teen horror movie. Many of the classic teen horror tropes are here but many are fixed as well. I had 2 characters in a cabin together when they hear a *crash*. They find a phone on the floor and a broken window. The guy says “Oh hey, it’s just your phone.” to which the girl responds “No you idiot, someone had to have thrown it in here.” It says all those things you want to say in theaters.

I won’t spoil any story moments but i’ll just say that so often i found my heart racing and i couldn’t put the controller down. I spent just about every gaming moment over the past 2 days playing this game and i regret none of it.

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The best way to describe this is Heavy Rain light. Let it be known, I played using traditional controls and not motion controls. While there is walking around, most of it controls like an interactive movie. use R2 to pick something up and the Right stick to check it out, or the face buttons in QTE event’s. All of these make for less of a full game and more of an interactive entertainment experience, and am all for that.

Unfortunately here lies the games biggest problems. Sometimes the controls can be finicky.  Right near the end of the game I had 2 of the characters die because of the controller reading wrong.



Sound: Musically there is not much to say, the score is brilliant and music is amazing. The sound design is shocking and all noises are expertly created and executed.

Graphics and quality: The graphics are stunning. The game utilizes the same engine as Killzone: Shadow Fall. What does that mean? It means the game is , visually, the definition of Next Generation. The scenery and settings in this game are perfectly crafted and incredibly believable. The biggest scares are visual and they are very tastefully  done.  The only weird thing is, sometimes the faces are a little weird, specifically the mouth’s show too much teeth quite often.



This game has a few little quarks but beyond that it was an incredible ride and heart pounding fight for survival. I can’t recommend this game enough. As of right now, this is not my Game of the Year, but it isn’t far off.

-Random Story change
-Strange facial features
-Wonky controls

-Amazing writing
-Genuinely frightening
-Heart pounding story from beginning to end
-Ridiculous amount of endings, a lot of replayability
-Best characters for the situation
-Setting is expertly crafted
-Music is perfect.

My Score:

9 out of 10!

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  • arkham_91

    Hey, cool site! I’ve been considering picking this up, but i’ve got Metal Gear on the mind. Though, It looks to me that this type of game works better when it’s not taking itself to seriously. It always took me out of the moment in Heavy Rain and Beyond TS when some wonky animation, or terribly acted line reared up. Seems like the campy nature of this game covers for all that. Anyways, nice review!

    • Hey thanks! Yeah, the terrible lines feel perfectly at home due to the nature of the game. It takes itself seriously and has those teen horror tropes but at the same time addresses many of them. It truly is a unique game.